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Shipping & Returns

How long does it take you to ship an order?

We ship orders no later than the next business day after you place the order. By "business day" we mean Monday through Friday, excluding those holidays on which the US Postal Service is closed. We sometimes ship orders on Saturdays too, or on the same weekday you place an order, but you shouldn't count on that always happening.

Most orders to the US are shipped USPS First Class, or USPS Priority, depending on weight. 

What's your return & refund policy?

Most sales are final; the only exceptions are if you receive something damaged, or receive an incorrect or incomplete order. In those cases, we'll replace the damaged item(s) at no cost to you, and/or fix any incorrect or incomplete orders, and/or issue a complete or partial refund of your money, as appropriate to the situation.

If you're unhappy with something about your order, please contact us and let us know. We want you to be happy with your stuff!